Eating Well With Morning Sickness

Eating small meals throughout the day can help manage nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, more commonly known as morning sickness. Here are some menu suggestions and easy-to-make recipes for comforting, nutritious foods to get you through your day, especially if you experience morning sickness like many do throughout the day.

Berry Smoothie

A fruity, vitamin C-packed refreshing and soothing drink for extra ease and nutrition. Read more

Couscous Edamame

Mild and hearty, quick cooking couscous with protein packed edamame. Eat this soothing side with a bowl of soup for a heartier meal. Read more

Double Stuffed Potatoes

Comforting and super satisfying, this family-friendly stuffed potato is easy to make, so make extras for the freezer to pull out for light lunch, snack or a side. Read more

Quick Lemon Bread

A delicious lemon citrus flavored treat to slice for breakfast or snacks. No mixer or yeast needed to whip it up. The glaze adds a burst of lemon but the bread can be made without it, if desired. Read more

Snack Mix

A delightfully sweet and salty combination made with cheerios, mini saltines, pretzels, and honey grahams coated in ginger honey. Read more

Potato Soup

Soothing and satisfying this creamy bowl of comfort is super simple as it is made with hash browns - no peeling potatoes! Read more

Scrambled Cheese Egg Pizza

Breakfast, snack or an any time meal with scrambled eggs on an English muffin. Read more

Gingerbread Muffins

Light and fluffy, this muffin will spice up your life! Read more

Light Lemony Pasta

Sometimes a tart citrus taste is soothing to the stomach. Read more

Spinach Salad with Apples and Oranges with Citrus Vinaigrette

A refreshing crisp fruity spinach salad with the perfect crunch of apples, celery and tangy oranges, complemented by the citrus vinaigrette. Read more

Talk to your healthcare professional about your morning sickness symptoms and options that are safe for you and your baby.